jeudi 14 avril 2011


"Schuster is a dark ambient/industrial project from Australia that started releasing cassettes in the ’80s and has released two CDrs this year. This 5-track release is intended as a statement on biological logistics in warfare. The five tracks all share the title of the album, but have subtitles to differentiate them. However, they are all clearly meant to be variations on the same theme; they share samples, textures, and beats. Of particular note are speech samples describing a micron spreading and infecting dozens of people (“you’re going to die, there’s just no question about that”), and the endless looping of a distressed man crying something that sounds like, “Sacrilege! Why are you playing in this church?” Musically, the first track is a vibrating industrial soundscape, tracks three and four are variations on the same dark drone (three being completely instrumental and four including the speech samples), and two and five feature dubby, clanging industrial beats along with the samples. Two features the beats upfront pretty much all the way through, while five fades the beat in gradually. The repetition of all these elements may border on overuse, but I think that might be part of the message here. I can’t really tell. One of the samples states, “I’m not here to talk about the morality of this stuff, that’s up to you,” so I guess take from this release what you will. I happen to enjoy this sort of industrial-zombie-drone, myself." (Source : Foxy Digitalis)

Schuster - Burdened by Adeptsound


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