dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Habil Aliyev

"Habil Aliyev lived a hard & interesting life. Born on May 28, 1927 in the village of Uchqovaq in the northern region of Aghdash, Azerbaijan, he began to study musique at the age of 7 under the direction of Ahmad Aghdamsk. Having acquired the basic techinical knowledge of the kamânça [kamanche] he continued extensive practice alone & elaborated on his own style.

Nicknamed the 'Oriental Paganini' because of his perfect technique, he has been consecrated as 'People's Artist' & showered with the highest honours in Azerbaijan, appearing on television regularly. His style is characterized by great freedom & a quest for precise effects & tones, but always serving the ethos that is specific to each muqâm.

It is the improvised solo that displays his true genius & his interpretations of various muqâm as well as adaptaions of of Azeri dances have made him famous & loved by all. He is widely consiered to have breathed new life into serveral muqâms by virtue of his otherworldly kamânça skills.

the drum you hear on these recordings is called a naqara & features prominently in Azeri klassikal musique. i have no clue who is accompanying our boy Hâbil on this slab, sorry. daps to zwan & fam for this trismegistique Melodiya offering. have fun in moscow u crazy kids"
Holy Warbles

Habil Aliyev

Rigel Orionis (1956-2009)

01 - Variation One (14:05)
02 - Variation Two (12:02)
03 - Variation Three (11:25)
04 - Variation Four (11:30)
05 - Variation Five (7:19)
06 - Variation Six (9:39)
07 - Variation Seven (10:47)
08 - Variation Eight (3:44)
09 - Variation Nine (4:54)
10 - Variation Ten (7:04)
11 - Variation Eleven (11:10)
12 - Variation Twelve (27:21)

"With our second release of 2011, Earth Mantra has a very special treat for our listeners - and one with a particular significance for everyone who loves electronic music. It is our very great privilege to be able to bring our listeners a new album by none other than Jim Brenholts, aka Rigel Orionis, entitled Variations on Sonic Integrity.

For those who didn't know Jim, allow us to share a little of his story. He never would have let anyone get away with calling him one, but Jim clearly was nothing less than a luminary of the ambient world. Well known and regarded for his incisive reviews and commentary, Jim also developed quite a talent at ambient composition, releasing a variety of albums over the years, both solo and in collaboration. Unfortunately, Jim passed away in 2009, leaving us only with memories and his indelible imprint upon this art form we call electronic music. Fortunately for us, however, he also had completed quite a number of unreleased works, including the mysterious and inspiring album that we proudly present to you today.

And what a release it is. This two-disc bonanza of textural abstract ambient goodness contains twelve variations on a theme, all reinterpretations of a base motif that Jim composed, recomposed, deconstructed, and reconstructed into a variety of drones and sonic journeys. As always with Jim's work, the music demands as much of the listener as it did of its composer, challenging people to not just passively enjoy the music but to actively participate in the experience, to sit up and pay attention lest something important sneak by unobserved. This is not ear candy, folks; this is mind music.

Maybe the best word to use when describing this release is "intense". All of Jim's music seethes with an enigmatic energy, containing an invisible reservoir of power around which the air seems to crackle and shimmer. And Variations on Sonic Integrity certainly has an almost fundamental magnetism to it, as if somehow Jim bottled up the forces of nature into twelve recordings and captured them in stasis for the rest of us to hear. A remarkable piece of sound sculpture, by a remarkable man.

So it is with great pleasure that we unveil Variations on Sonic Integrity. Dark ambient music that we feel is certain to send a chill down your spine and put a smile on your face. We at Earth Mantra miss Jim, and feel very honored to be able to bring his music to our audience."
Earth Mantra

Rigel Orionis

dimanche 16 janvier 2011

Allison Schulnik

"Allison Schulnik, est américaine. Elle est née en 1978. Elle peint, dessine, sculpte et anime des créatures singulières. Elle a obtenu un diplôme d'animation expérimentale au California Institute of Arts en 2000.

Les êtres difformes et enveloppés d'une épaisse matière d'Allison Schulnik incarnent tour à tour l'amour, la mort ou la farce macabre. Comme dans les portraits historiques, l'artiste insiste très souvent sur le regard de ses héros admirables et imparfaits, entraînant imanquablement chez le spectateur des sentiments mélés de compassion et d'espérance." (Tangui Jossic Blogue)

Allison Schulnik

Hasegawa Tohaku

"Hasegawa Tōhaku (長谷川 等伯, 1539 - 1610) est un peintre japonais fondateur de l'école de peinture de style japonais Hasegawa-ha (長谷川派) pendant l'ère Azuchi-Momoyama.
Tōhaku commença sa carrière artistique en tant que peintre bouddhique dans sa province natale du Noto au Japon. Après s'être rendu à Kyōto aux environs de l'âge de 30 ans, il développe son propre style de peinture à l'encre de Chine. Il passa plus tard à la peinture de paravents décoratifs, de fusuma (portes coulissantes), de murs et de plafonds, rivalisant avec Kanō Eitoku pour le patronage d'Oda Nobunaga et de Toyotomi Hideyoshi.
Après la mort d'Eitoku en 1590, Tōhaku resta le seul grand maître vivant de son temps. Il devint le peintre officiel de Hideyoshi, produisant alors la plupart de ses plus grandes et plus élégantes œuvres." (Wikipedia)

Tokyo National Museum

samedi 15 janvier 2011

L'abîme de Sadegh Hedayat

L'abîme de Sadegh Hedayat (par François Negret, accompagné de Serge Teyssot-Gay et Keyvan Chemirani, le dimanche 22 août 2010 au Musée du Quai Branly, Paris).

Sadegh Hedayat aux éditions José Corti
Serge Teyssot-Gay

mercredi 12 janvier 2011

Rob Jo Star Band

Ultra obscure, freaky French '70s underground psychedelic proto punk reissued, oui!! Crazy how there's still stuff like this out there ready to be (re)discovered. The Rob Jo Star band originally put this out in 1975, probably under the influence of the Velvets and the Stooges, kinda like cult Canadian contemporaries Simply Saucer. Like SS, the Rob Jo Star Band packs these tracks with all kinds of ridiculous synth blurt, electronics swooshing and bleeping and farting all throughout this album, other key elements of which include jangling distorted guitars and heavily accented vocals... Pretty darn cool if you ask us! There's moments that sound like a French version of The Cramps, inside a spaceship; others where the singer gets kinda Damo, and basically it's a healthy (or perhaps unhealthy) dose of throbbing fuzz, chugging rock n' roll rhythms, handclaps, wild vox, with song titles like "Acid Revolution" and "Blood Flower". File with the likes of Soggy, Angel Face, and Metal Urbain... (aquariusrecords)

którędy pójdą dzicy święci

jeudi 6 janvier 2011

Jean Paul EFFE

EFFE Electric Festival au Gibus

Le Gibus
18 Rue Fbg du Temple, 75011 Paris. M° République
Paris, France

vendredi 21 janvier

(10 € en pré-vente /15€ sur place)

Réservation : jeanpaul.effe@free.fr

JP EFFE Myspace Music