samedi 28 août 2010

The world of Mazen Kerbaj

Wormholes is an ongoing audio-visual project by Mazen Kerbaj and Sharif Sehnaoui. It is performed live and in total improvisation mode.
The excerpt shown here is taken from the first performance, Wormholes #1, played at Beirut Art Center on November 18th, 2009.

Mazen Kerbaj

dimanche 15 août 2010

MOHAMMAD (Coti K., Ilios et Nikos Veliotis)

MOHAMMAD is the project of Coti K, ILIOS and Nikos Veliotis. Having worked separately in the experimental field they decided to join forces in order to study and work on the principles of inter-modulation using contra-bass (Coti K.), oscillators (ILIOS) and cello (Nikos Veliotis).

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