mercredi 29 décembre 2010

Heart Chamber Orchestra

"Le Heart Chamber Orchestra est un projet audiovisuel captivant, qui met en scène un orchestre qui génère sa partition musicale (et son accompagnement visuel) en temps réel. Le truc qui tue ? La source de la musique est générée par le rythme cardiaque des membres de l’orchestre.Chaque musicien est relié à un capteur sur électrocardiogramme qui envoie le rythme cardiaque à un ordinateur qui l’incorpore alors en une visualisation. Cette donnée est utilisée en simultanée pour créer une partition originale qui est affichée sur l’ordinateur portable qui se trouve devant chaque musicien.La performance en elle-même affecte le rythme cardiaque de chaque musicien, ce qui en retour affecte la partition, ce qui à son tour modifie… Vous avez compris. Et vous ne serez pas surpris de savoir que cela mène à une composition étrange et abstraite."(Gizmodo)

Heart Chamber Orchestra from pure on Vimeo.

Heart Chamber Orchestra - Pixelache from pure on Vimeo.

Heart Chamber Orchestra

jeudi 2 décembre 2010

John Olsen

"John Olsen is trained as a house painter. In 1959 he apprenticed to Den Kongelige Porcelænsfabrik, where during his years of apprenticeship he was entrusted with increasingly demanding assignments – he painted among others bird and animal motifs onto the factory’s dinner sets. In 1960 he was admitted to Kunstakademiets Billedhuggerskole (School of Sculpture of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts) in Copenhagen. From 1965 he also attended courses at Grafisk Skole (School of Graphic Arts).

Living and working in close harmony with nature, John Olsen draws on nature for his work. Here he gets inspiration, motifs and materials. He often takes up unimpressive details that are easily overlooked, but which in his pictures are transformed into structures with a beauty all of their own. In his graphic works these motifs may be close-up studies of rocks in Iceland or the Faroe Islands, flocks of birds in the water, or studies of living and dead birds and animals. In paintings and photographs close-up studies of e.g. birds or snow-covered grass.

Nature also concretely supplies materials for John Olsen’s works. He is an inveterate collector of dried carcasses, strange knotty branches, animal skulls and bones, stuffed birds and bird’s eggs. The litter of modern civilisation from the rubbish dump, objects found in the jumble of the flea market and medical preparations in spirits are gathered and used as raw material for John Olsen’s artistic activities.

All of these finds are put together in glass cases reminding of the cabinets of curiosities of former times. In these cases of surprise and cabinets of wonder, difficult to embrace for their throng of objects, new surprising wholes and meanings are created. Colour and texture are juxtaposed thereby calling the attention of the spectator to the beauty of decay.

In John Olsen’s pictures of the decay and destructiveness of nature, death and weakness become present. The pictures do not only, though, focus on the frightful and sinister aspects of death. Death and decay also hold a sort of beauty. Just as death in nature is a precondition of the continuance of life, John Olsen arouses the dead objects and turns them into art.

In 1995 John Olsen represented Denmark at the Biennale in Venice, where he exhibited the large sculpture ”Resonans” (“Resonance”) – inspired by an armadillo shell, which can be seen in the Cabinet of Wonder. A bronze copy of ”Resonans” is exhibited in the museum garden. Furthermore a range of the artist’s painted tiles can be seen in the town hall of Holstebro."

Icon source : CHAUDRON

Chamæleo Vulgaris

Chamæleo Vulgaris

lundi 1 novembre 2010


Ennio Mazzon is a self-taught sound artist from Treviso, Italy.
His compositions are mainly inspired by colors, shades, reflections and chromatic suggestions.
Working with computer processing, field recordings and electro-acoustic sounds he wants to transform the natural silence.
He is the founder of the small independent cdr label “Ripples”.
- from skriða/electronic audio works by ennio mazzon -

Ennio Mazzon Myspace Music

dimanche 31 octobre 2010

à L'aFFicHe

Jac Berrocal
Specious Daïmôn


"Basée sur une rythmique puissante et répétitive qui laisse place aux accents improvisés du jeu de guitare de Drew St Ivany, la musique de Psychic Paramount (formé par 2 anciens membres des trés bons Laddio Bolocko...), est avant tout bruyante, massive, hypnotique... et peut atteindre une sorte de transe quasi psychédelique"
- from w-h-y ? webzine -

The Psychic Paramount from Windshield on Vimeo.

The Psychic Paramount
The Psychic Paramount Myspace Music


Aluk Todolo Myspace Music

Aluk Todolo website

vendredi 29 octobre 2010


"sanso-xtro is Melissa Agate from Adelaide, Australia...
The debut sanso-xtro album titled 'sentimentalist' was released on Type Records on the 27th of May 2005.
An album constructed of fragile melodies and angular rhythms made with guitars, ukulele, kalimba, drums, analogue synthesizers and a collection of small instruments...
After living in London, UK for the past seven years Melissa has recently returned to Australia to work on the next sanso-xtro album."
- from Sanso-Xtro official site -

Sanso-Xtro - Hello Night Crow from Fergal Brennan on Vimeo.

Sanso-Xtro website


"Daniel Higgs est une légende. Il aime les histoires, il aime les raconter, se draper dedans, les faire évoluer. Il est illustrateur, poète et musicien. C’est un prophète barbu et tatoué, au regard perçant, à l’allure impressionnante. Dès les années 80 à Baltimore, il évolue dans les milieux hardcore, puis au sein de Lungfish qui lui donnent ses galons. Ce n’est pas assez. Il se dirige vers un travail solitaire, explorant les tréfonds du mysticisme, de la poésie, expérimentant sur les sons, passant de la guitare au banjo, s’accompagnant à la guimbarde qu’il fait gronder comme le tonnerre en réponse à sa voix, s’initie au fingerpicking et aux sonorités orientales. Il intègre des schémas musicaux ancestraux dans des formes modernes ornementées de sa vision de ces mondes perdus. Une prestation unique au souffle puissant, dans une configuration acoustique exceptionnelle."
- from Epiphonie asbl -

Daniel Higgs - Festival SOY #6
envoyé par anousonne. - Clip, interview et concert.

Daniel Higgs Myspace Music

mercredi 27 octobre 2010


Métal Rouge was formed in 2006 by Helga Fassonaki and Andrew Scott in Auckland, New Zealand with no aim but to open themselves to the spontaneous psych tonalism running through the underbelly of popular music like a vein of pure lightning. Birthed from the rich history of New Zealand underground they began to mold a sound comprised equally of the forward motion of ecstatic jazz and the drugged stasis of NYC loft minimalism circa ’66. Drummer/Trombonist Caitlin M. Mitchell became a regular colaborator in 2009, bringing with her a night/day spectrum ranging from pure brass drone through to aggressive free rock. Related projects include Yek Koo, Nest, Un Ciego, Huzun, Oabl and Low Light Situations. Métal Rouge have releases on Root Strata, Not Not Fun, Stunned, Digitalis, Fictitious Sighs, and Emerald Cocoon.
- from Métal Rouge bio/emeraldcocoon -

Metal Rouge
Metal Rouge Myspace Music

s3d (ear & eye), a world of fresh sounds from new sonic sources

S3D presents a world of fresh sounds from invented and unconventional instruments with names as curious and evocative as the sounds they produce: Mothics, Shimsaw, Kyurukyuttsu, Gloopdrum, Corrugahorn, Sundrum and many more.
In 2007, Auckland Festival presented the S3D three day mini-fest featuring twelve innovators in the field of sonic objects and improvisation : Akio Suzuki (Japan), Bart Hopkin, Yek Koo (HelgaFassonaki) & Tom Nunn (USA), Walter Kitun (Tanzania /USA), Graeme Leak & Ernie Althoff (Australia), Marcel Bear, Sam Morrison, James McCarthy, Adam Willetts & Phil Dadson (New Zealand).

more informations : Dadsonics/Sonics from scratch

mardi 26 octobre 2010


Sound artist residents in Tokyo. Composes various sound material such as environmental sound and concrete sound collected in different places. Search for essence of the sound, possibility by turning a focus to the characteristic that specific place and space have through environmental recordings.
- from CONTACT/Hiroki Sasajima weblog -

Hiroki Sasajima MySpace Music
Hiroki Sasajima Weblog

samedi 28 août 2010

The world of Mazen Kerbaj

Wormholes is an ongoing audio-visual project by Mazen Kerbaj and Sharif Sehnaoui. It is performed live and in total improvisation mode.
The excerpt shown here is taken from the first performance, Wormholes #1, played at Beirut Art Center on November 18th, 2009.

Mazen Kerbaj

dimanche 15 août 2010

MOHAMMAD (Coti K., Ilios et Nikos Veliotis)

MOHAMMAD is the project of Coti K, ILIOS and Nikos Veliotis. Having worked separately in the experimental field they decided to join forces in order to study and work on the principles of inter-modulation using contra-bass (Coti K.), oscillators (ILIOS) and cello (Nikos Veliotis).

Mohammad website

lundi 26 juillet 2010

Alice Rabbit

Un blog très intéressant. De nombreuses raretés musicales à découvrir. Passionnant !

Alice Rabbit

dimanche 18 juillet 2010


Dans le ciel, l'envol des nuages est comme un oiseau filant.
On y rencontre aussi de drôles de bestioles...
Et le silence est d'or.

Dans la désuétude touristique estivale, des couleurs parfois apparaissent.

Photos et textes : Yom H (2010)

vendredi 2 avril 2010

PROGRAMME en concert

09.04. Pantin, La Dynamo - Festival Banlieues Bleues
23.04. Rennes, L’Antipode - Urbaines
06.05. Tourcoing, Le Grand Mix
15.05. Brest, La Carène
26.05. Grenoble , Le Ciel
27.05. Oullins, Le Clacson
28.05. Poitiers, Le Confort Moderne (performance)
29.05. Poitiers, Le Confort Moderne (concert)
17.07. Montmartin sur Mer, Festival Chauffer dans la Noirceur