dimanche 15 mai 2011


coso - pp 3 (vivo una.casa) from Javier Areal Velez on Vimeo.

Coso - ep (2009)

"Coso is a trio from Buenos Aires, Argentina that plays short experimental pieces for guitar, bass, drums, and DIY electronics.

Since their formation in 2009, Coso got to be well known within Buenos Aires underground scene for their solid noise compositions, avoiding improvisation, and their ephemeral live shows, which last no more than 15 minutes and take place in diverse locations, from pubs and art galleries to abandoned buildings and destroyed factories.

Coso’s songs are rearranged for each performance, using diverse homemade electroacoustic devices and objects found in each venue as instruments. This practices include modifying an electric guitar to use it as percussion, hardware-hacking toy radios, destroying microphoned TV sets, and replacing acoustic drums with a 100 year old giant boiler at an old factory.

In 2009 they recorded their debut EP, which condenses 5 songs in 6 minutes 26 seconds, performed in standard formation at its most compact and raw form. It is distributed through independent music stores in Buenos Aires, and will be released in Europe by Have You Said Midi? Records in late 2010. It is also available for free download here.

In 2010 it is released in Europe by the italian label Have You Said Midi?

In February 2010 they filmed a live session with french filmmaker Vincent Moon, who has shot videos with Xiu Xiu, Mogway, Sigur Ros and the Arcade Fire, among others. This video will be realesed online through La Blogotheque. Meanwhile, they are working on a live DVD which will be released through Pakapi, a local independent videolabel.

At the end of 2010 Coso will start recording their first full length album." (from official Coso website, see link)

COSO #1 from Noise & Contemporary on Vimeo.

LA INFANCIA (a film about COSO) from Vincent Moon / Petites Planètes on Vimeo.


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