mercredi 27 octobre 2010

s3d (ear & eye), a world of fresh sounds from new sonic sources

S3D presents a world of fresh sounds from invented and unconventional instruments with names as curious and evocative as the sounds they produce: Mothics, Shimsaw, Kyurukyuttsu, Gloopdrum, Corrugahorn, Sundrum and many more.
In 2007, Auckland Festival presented the S3D three day mini-fest featuring twelve innovators in the field of sonic objects and improvisation : Akio Suzuki (Japan), Bart Hopkin, Yek Koo (HelgaFassonaki) & Tom Nunn (USA), Walter Kitun (Tanzania /USA), Graeme Leak & Ernie Althoff (Australia), Marcel Bear, Sam Morrison, James McCarthy, Adam Willetts & Phil Dadson (New Zealand).

more informations : Dadsonics/Sonics from scratch

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