mercredi 27 octobre 2010


Métal Rouge was formed in 2006 by Helga Fassonaki and Andrew Scott in Auckland, New Zealand with no aim but to open themselves to the spontaneous psych tonalism running through the underbelly of popular music like a vein of pure lightning. Birthed from the rich history of New Zealand underground they began to mold a sound comprised equally of the forward motion of ecstatic jazz and the drugged stasis of NYC loft minimalism circa ’66. Drummer/Trombonist Caitlin M. Mitchell became a regular colaborator in 2009, bringing with her a night/day spectrum ranging from pure brass drone through to aggressive free rock. Related projects include Yek Koo, Nest, Un Ciego, Huzun, Oabl and Low Light Situations. Métal Rouge have releases on Root Strata, Not Not Fun, Stunned, Digitalis, Fictitious Sighs, and Emerald Cocoon.
- from Métal Rouge bio/emeraldcocoon -

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