mardi 15 mars 2011

Stuart Dahlquist / Asva

"I've been playing music for quite a few years now... earlier credits include Burning Witch, Sunn, Goatsnake, Loaded, Hungry Crocodiles, Magnaaflux and countless other projects most of which were so far under the radar it would be pointless to mention them. My main focus is Asva (with Greg Gilmore, Toby Driver, and Jake Weller) which has kept things relatively interesting for a number of years. Also just finished a record with Philippe Petit in which has been a lot of fun, playing and composing primarily on my 1916 Estey reed organ. Currently I'm working on a follow up album to Presences Of Absences (as yet unreleased) for Asva, a collaborative record with Nick Hudson, an yet un-named funk/hardcore fusion mashup as well as learning my way around the pipe organ and (still) bass guitar. I strive to create powerful, emotive, heavy music utilizing relatively simple melodic structures piled deeply atop one another. I'm getting better at it. You can find my music on the Southern Records, Web Of Mimicry, and Southern Lord imprints." (Stuart Dahlquist - SoundCloud)

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