dimanche 30 janvier 2011

Habil Aliyev

"Habil Aliyev lived a hard & interesting life. Born on May 28, 1927 in the village of Uchqovaq in the northern region of Aghdash, Azerbaijan, he began to study musique at the age of 7 under the direction of Ahmad Aghdamsk. Having acquired the basic techinical knowledge of the kamânça [kamanche] he continued extensive practice alone & elaborated on his own style.

Nicknamed the 'Oriental Paganini' because of his perfect technique, he has been consecrated as 'People's Artist' & showered with the highest honours in Azerbaijan, appearing on television regularly. His style is characterized by great freedom & a quest for precise effects & tones, but always serving the ethos that is specific to each muqâm.

It is the improvised solo that displays his true genius & his interpretations of various muqâm as well as adaptaions of of Azeri dances have made him famous & loved by all. He is widely consiered to have breathed new life into serveral muqâms by virtue of his otherworldly kamânça skills.

the drum you hear on these recordings is called a naqara & features prominently in Azeri klassikal musique. i have no clue who is accompanying our boy Hâbil on this slab, sorry. daps to zwan & fam for this trismegistique Melodiya offering. have fun in moscow u crazy kids"
Holy Warbles

Habil Aliyev

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